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For Clinicians & Family Law Pros

A resource for professionals analyzing and managing complex clinical and family law cases.

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To Combat Stress & Burnout

A resource for professionals seeking to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

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A resource for mental health professionals who are expanding and growing their practice.

Who we consult for

Our consulting services are available primarily to mental health clinicians who are board licensed and in private practice, group practice, or who work within a mental health agency or other clinical organization. We also consult with family law attorneys, divorce mediators, guardians ad litem, parenting coaches, expert witnesses, and other professionals operating in the mental health world.

Questions? Get in touch!

Call us at (678) 554-5632 for a free 10-minute introduction to our services and to see if we are a good fit for your needs. You can also email us and specify “Initial Fit” in the Subject field.

30min Phone Consultation

Fill out the 30-minute phone consultation request here. Our office will contact you to schedule the day and time of your phone consultation. We respond to all requests within 1 business day.

50min Video Consultation

Schedule your 50-minute video case consultation request here. Our office will contact you to schedule the day and time of your videoconference. We strive to respond to all requests within 1 business day.

What do we need to know?

In order to permit us to handle your request in an intelligent and effective way, and allow us to weed out spam or fraudulent requests, please provide the following information when submitting you request form:

The reason for your request

The best time of day and day of the week to call you for a 30min consultation at the number you provide on the form

If you are requesting a 50min video consultation, please note that it will be scheduled on the next available Friday and that you will receive the link to join the day before; our provider is Intermedia’s AnyMeeting

If you are a licensed clinician, please indicate your license number and the state where it was issued

If you work for an organization, firm, or agency, please provide the name and location of your company

To maintain confidentiality, please do not specify the name of your client or patient. Use a pseudonym if necessary. We will verify the legitimacy of all requests. If we cannot verify its legitimacy, or if your submission form is incomplete, the request will be ignored. We proceed with the call back or the video scheduling only after the payment for our services is received.

We are a professional, experienced, and friendly team of mental health experts. Join us!

We are looking for additional subject matter experts to join our team, who have at least ten years of experience in the following practice areas: family law, professional ethics, psychotropic medication, child development, and more.

What Is Our Consulting Practice About?

No one knows everything there’s to know in a subject matter as extensive and complex as mental health.
Our consultants work in the field and have decades of experience.
We never stop learning and familiarizing ourselves with new research.

About Your Individual Clients

In-depth diagnostics, clinical analysis, and competence assessments in complex clinical and family law cases.

About Your Couple Clients

Discernment, testimony prep, co-parenting, collaborative divorce in complex clinical and family law cases.

About Forensic Psychology

Psychological expertise within the judicial and legal systems, clinical evaluations, court-mandated interventions.

Growing Your Practice? We Can Help!

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